Gluten Free Menu Tips

Ordering gluten free can be a tricky task at first. Here are some tips and key words to help you order gluten free.

Key Words to Watch Out For…
Breaded – the breading probably contains gluten
– possible cross-contamination with gluten foods
Stews and Soups
– many contain gluten for thickening
Gravies – usually contain gluten
Creamy Sauces
– many add gluten for thickening
Special Sauces – ask server about the ingredients
- some include gluten

Be cautious if special sauces include soy sauce, cheese sauces, BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce and others listed on the the Gluten Free Food Cheat Sheet.

Are Snickers Gluten Free
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Gluten Free Eating Out Tips
Learn more quick tips to dining out gluten free.

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