Are eggs good for you?

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not eggs are good for you. Research shows adding more protein to your breakfast such as eggs, may help satisfy your appetite longer. Not only are eggs a high-quality protein, eggs are also gluten free and budget friendly. A medium egg contains less than 80 calories, and they are rich in vitamin D, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12.

The only eggs that are bad for you are raw or undercooked eggs. These eggs may contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause serious illness or even death. Be sure to make sure all your eggs are fully cooked before consuming.

Most concern around eggs is the cholesterol content. Although eggs contain cholesterol, it really isn’t a large amount. The only eggs to be concerned of are fried eggs. By frying eggs you still receive most of the nutrients, but you also consume fat from the oil used to fry the eggs. Frying eggs in extra virgin olive oil is not particularly bad for you, but using other oils with high fat such as vegetable oil can be high in fat content.

Always remember not all eggs are created equal. The health of the chicken is responsible for the quality of the eggs. Purchasing free range or organic eggs will provide you with higher quality eggs, and many people agree the eggs taste better.

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