Converting Gluten Free Recipes

Learning to cook gluten free can be a difficult and costly nuisance. Removing gluten from recipes causes cookies and muffins to turn out crumbly and dry. Currently there is no single flour that can completely copy what wheat does so well.

Thankfully, gluten free cooking doesn’t have to involve extreme changes. Transitioning to gluten free can be as simple as substituting the right ingredients into your old favorite recipes.

Here are some useful tips to converting a recipe to gluten free:

Double the baking powder – as the gluten based recipe directs.
Add xanthan gum
– Use ¼ tsp of xanthan gum per cup of flour to recipes such as cake, cookies and muffins to help gluten free recipes rise well and stick together.
Add xanthan gum last
– After all other ingredients are mixed together.
Limit stirring
– of xanthan gum to 5-6 strokes.
Replace baking soda
– with baking powder in recipes without vinegar.
Use gluten free all purpose flour mix
– Replace traditional flour with a gluten free all purpose flour mix. This can be found in the health food section of many grocery stores.

Follow directions – Keep pan preparation, baking temperature and time as recipe directs.

Be sure to use butter, milk and eggs at room temperature – If the butter is too hot, it may cook the eggs. If the milk and eggs are too cold, then the butter may solidify. A quick option is to substitute canola oil for butter.

Converting recipes may take several trial and errors until you get it right. Although the recipes may not be identical to taste, they should be close. Good luck!

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