Is Vinegar Safe for Celiacs?

Yes, vinegar is safe for Celiacs and anyone else living a gluten free lifestyle. Even if vinegar is made with wheat, it’s going to be gluten free because of the distillation process.  According to the American Dietetic Association, the Vinegar Institution, the Food and Drug Administration, doctors and dieticians; there is no gluten in distilled vinegar.

This ongoing concern about using vinegar has been around for some time.  Here are some common facts about vinegar:

  • Vinegar is typically made with apples, grapes, corn beets and rice sugars
  • All labels are required to say on the label if they were made with wheat
  • Gluten peptides cannot make it through the distillation process

In the end, the best decision maker is you. Although the ongoing concern for vinegar will continue, vinegar doesn’t contain gluten. So if you are living a gluten free lifestyle don’t jump the gun to rule this ingredient out.  However, be aware of malt vinegars and flavored vinegars if the labels are not information enough. But as always, if you tried using vinegar and it made you sick, then don’t use it.

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