Storage 102

Many refrigerators tend to be a few degrees warmer on the top than on the bottom. Use the following guide to know how long fresh picked or purchased fruits and vegetables will last in optimal storage.

Cold & Moist – Bottom shelf of fridge

Broccoli 10-14 days
Cabbage 3-6 weeks
Carrots 4-6 weeks
Cauliflower 2-4 weeks
Corn 4-8 days
Greens 1-3 weeks
Green Beans 7-10 days
Peas 1-3 weeks
Radishes 3-4 weeks
Rhubarb 2-4 weeks
Snap peas 7-10 days

Cool & Moist – Top shelf of fridge

Asparagus 2-3 weeks
Beets 3-5 weeks
Cucumbers 10-14 days
Eggplant 1 week
Herbs 1 week
Potatoes 1-3 weeks
Spring berries 2-7 days
Squash 1-3 weeks
Tomatoes 1-3 weeks

Cool & Dry – On counter

Garlic 6-7 months
Onions 6-7 months

Plastic containers are not recommended for storing produce, because the tight fitting lids cause condensation which promotes spoilage. Plants with high water content such as fresh herbs spoil more quickly than low moisture produce such as onions.

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