Addicted to Tea

Okay, so being addicted to tea may be a little dramatic, however I had a true dependence on tea.

The tea I enjoy to drink is: green tea, caffeine free green tea and herbal teas. Some people are addicted to the caffeine in tea, but most of the teas I drink don’t contain any caffeine. Although there are many health benefits to drinking lots of tea; I was to the point where I had to have tea with me at all times – particularly after every meal.

When I stopped eating gluten, I realized my tea addiction quickly faded away. Although I’m still a tea junkie, I finally realized:

“I was using tea to settle many of my Celiac symptoms.”

Tea helped me digest my food, reduce my sinus symptoms and most importantly settle my stomach pains.

If you have noticed that you drink large amounts of tea. then you may want to check out other possible Celiac symptoms you may have. Be sure to consult with your doctor before experimenting with a gluten free life to ensure you are meeting all your proper needs.

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