Meet Megan


Welcome, my name is Megan Aaseby.

I designed GlutenRight to be a resource of all the helpful tips, tools and advice I have found valuable to eating gluten-free. Learning how to eat and cook gluten-free can be a consuming task, which many families don’t have the extra time to experiment with and learn. As more families transition to a gluten free, I want to be able to reach out and assist them on their transition.

I really enjoy hearing feedback from all my readers, so please leave a comment on any post or connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. I hope you enjoy!

Best wishes,

2 Responses to Meet Megan

  1. Christina White Aaseby

    Megan, Thanks for suggesting I go to your web site. I have alot of friends who are struggling with what to make for meals and I shared this site with them and they too our now enjoying the recipes. My mom’s best friend next door has problems with food intolerances and she is having him check the site out too. I myself have been trying to loose weight and would like to try some of the low fat recipes. I had no idea there was so many different glutin – free recipes out there. Thanks….Christina

  2. Thank you for your helpful website! My 10 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease after years of pain and symptoms. Your suggestions, ideas, and advice have been exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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