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Are Doritos Gluten Free?

Yes, some varieties of Doritos are gluten free. Check below to see if your favorite flavors are:

Gluten Free Doritos – Flavored Tortilla Chips
1st Degree Burn Blazin’ Jalapeno
2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo
3rd Degree Burn Scorchin’ Habanero
Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch
Cool Ranch

Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger
Pizza Supreme
Reduced Fat Nacho Cheese
Salsa Verde
Spicy Nacho
Toasted Corn
Baked Nacho Cheese

Doritos with Gluten – Flavored Tortilla Chips
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese 100 Calorie Mini Bites
Spicy Sweet Chili

According to Doritos’ website, the only Doritos that contain gluten are the original Nacho Cheese Doritos and the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. All the other Doritos appear to be gluten free. Enjoy!

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