What is Sorghum?

Sorghum, also called milo and jowar, is a cereal grain used for a wide variety of gluten free mixes, beers and products.

Sorghum originated in Africa about 5000 years ago, where there is a rich tradition of brewing beer made from sorghum. Gluten free beers made with sorghum have recently become more popular in the gluten free market, since brewers have found sorghum to have similar fermentable sugars to barley.

 This is why if you are transitioning to a gluten free life, I highly recommend beers made with sorghum. Not only are gluten free beers made from sorghum safe for celiacs, they also taste similar to beers made with barley, such as Heineken.

Baking TipsFor better volume and texture mix tapioca flour with sorghum to baked goods. Also add slightly more oil and eggs to recipes with sorghum blends to improve moisture content and texture.

Note - Always check ingredient labels for packaged foods, even frequently purchased items; ingredients are subject to change.

Sources: Sorghum – How to Use Sorghum in Gluten-Free Recipes By Teri Gruss, MS

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