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Subway Adding Gluten Free Items

Yes! Subway is currently testing two gluten free items at selected stores in Dallas and Tyler, TX. I realize many restaurants are now offering gluten free menus, but I didn’t expect Subway, a fast food sandwich shop, to be one of the first in the market.

Subway is testing a gluten free roll and a gluten free chocolate dessert. How Subway is able to pull this off without cross contamination seems crazy to me. According to the Chicago Tribune, ‘Subway is using wrapped, single-use knives to slice the rolls, among other steps.’ The rolls are also said to be made at a separate bakery, then shipped to stores in individual wrappings.

I say, “Hats off to Subway for trying this out!” Hopefully this becomes a success and provides simple gluten free options throughout their stores nationwide. Although there is still a great concern for cross contamination, this is a great start for the gluten free market. I’m excited to see who will come out next with more gluten free options.

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