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Dining With Relatives and Friends

It is difficult for the average person to comprehend all of the specifications gluten free entails. However, this does not mean you have to stay at home.

Here are some quick tips to dining with friends and relatives:

Bring a gluten free dish to share – Show others that gluten free food taste delicious.
Eat before hand – Snack on fruits and vegetables, and drink a cup of tea to keep you from starving at the event.
Offer to help in the kitchen – See how the food is being prepared to determine what is safe for you to eat.
Enjoy the festivities – Remember everyone is there to enjoy each others company, not simply to eat.
Bring a backup – If all else fails, keep a gluten free granola bar in your purse to hold you over.

I enjoy bringing a gluten free dish to share with my family, friends and coworkers. It is fun to hear their feedback and request. When I was growing up my mother once said, “Bring a tasty dish to share, and you’re always welcome.” This has always stuck with me, and to this day has never failed. I’m sure you’ll have good luck with this as well.

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